3Colours believes in:

  • The right of women to completely and independently, free from political, economical and social pressure, decide and inform themselves about their bodies, their sexuality and their motherhood
  • The right of women to dignity and respect in every aspect of their lives during their cycles, sexual experiences and their motherhood.
  • The right of women to be supported throughout their lives to love and understand their physiology through menstruation, sex, birth, lactation and menopause free from commercial coercion.
  • The right of women to supported and respected in any situation while breastfeeding their children
  • The right of girls to grow up free of commercial pressures and constructed ideas about their bodies.
  • The right of people to organize in international solidarity to generate changes that protect and promote the health of women as children, active women and mature citizens.

To become an affiliate we only ask that you (or your organisation) actively work in protecting and/or promoting one or all of the following:

  • Menstruation, puberty, women’s sexual health, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, menopause
  • Or in associations that advocate for women’s political, economical or legal issues that they directly or indirectly relate to the reproductive health of women.

And that you also…

  • Adhere to our principles
  • Do not promote, support or work with any formula companies
  • Respect the individuality of other 3Colours affiliate.

Global & local action

We are permanently launching global campaigns online to raise awareness in different topics, we will display the major ones below but do keep an eye on our Facebook page and/or Twitter to get our latest news